Miles Pipe Installed
Irrigation Heads Installed
Remote Control Valves Installed
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Inspection/repair on all sprinkler heads to maximize full coverage. Adjustments are made to prevent overspray on buildings, sidewalks and other un-landscaped areas. We always stay on top of water management by always maintaining the irrigation system.


All necessary repairs to the above ground portion of the irrigation system including time clocks and backflow preventers are worked on by Pacific Terrain certified irrigation technicians. Once the repair is made a notification is sent to you to verify completion.

Emergency Service

When irrigation emergencies happen rest assured that Pacific Terrain is on the job. 24/7, 365 days a year, Pacific Terrain is always ready and on call to dispatch irrigation technicans and supervisors to make emergency repairs.

landscape water conservation

Water Management

Irrigation Management, Forecast Sensitivity and the Pacific Terrain Personal Touch: These are the best ways we manage and conserve while also helping to save on your property's water bill.

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