Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find a list of frequently asked questions about our landscape maintenance company. Please contact us directly at 949.660.7085 or email: if we can provide you with any further assistance.

1. How long have you been in business?

Pacific Terrain Landscape Maintenance, Inc. was founded in 1992 by George J. Paulos.

2. Are you a licensed contractor?

Yes, we hold a California State Contractor’s License C-27.

3. Do you have the appropriate insurance to do the job?

Yes, we do. Pacific Terrain carries both general liability insurance as well as workers compensation insurance that surpasses the normal required coverage.

4. Do you provide free landscape maintenance estimates?

We do. When initially meeting with a potential client, an area project manager will meet you on site to walk your property and discuss it’s needs. After our initial meeting, a bid along with additional information about our company is presented for your consideration.

5. Do you use reliable equipment?

Absolutely. We understand that providing high quality service is dependent on both our hard working crews as well as the equipment that they use. Pacific Terrain regularly maintains our industry current landscape equipment to provide the most efficient service possible. Our on-site mechanics are also standing by to make any necessary repairs.

6. How do i contact someone from your office if I have a question, need an update or have a landscape emergency?

During regular business hours, telephone calls are answered by our office staff and dispatched immediately to our service representatives in the field. After hour emergency service lines are also provided to ensure that we provide 24/7, round the clock coverage to your property. E-mail Support is also available 24/7. Any and all requests are immediately dispatched to our service representatives in the field for immediate action. A confirmation email is then sent to inform you of actions taken. Lastly, text message notifications and confirmations of project completions are also available to our customers upon request.

7. Is my property managed by one specific person or mulitple individuals?

Maintenance teams, Irrigation Specialists, Field Supervisors, Crew Supervisors as well as Office Executives spend time at every property. No matter how small or large a job, it makes no difference. Multiple pairs of eyes allow us focus on the details and catch things that others miss. We take pride in making promises and strive to prove to every customer, that Pacific Terrain simply cares more than the rest. “The properties we maintain become our home, the customers we serve become our family.”

8. Do you provide other services in addition to landscape maintenance?

Yes. Pacific Terrain offers CAD image (before & after) renderings, irrigation & water management, seasonal color planning, installation design and property map development to our pre-existing customers.

9. What areas do you service?

Pacific Terrain provides landscape maintenance service all throughout Southern California, covering Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County & San Bernardino County.

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