Soil Preparation

The secret is in the soil. Spending the proper time cultivating the soil makes all the difference in bringing out the true vibrance of color within each flower. Pacific Terrain always spends extra time and attention both turning the soil and adding in the proper soil amendments to provide the appropriate nutrients to make all color bed areas come alive.


Proper installation ensures longevity of color and plant lifespans. Pacific Terrain ensures that every plant is installed in a way to maximize it's growth and potential. New color is often watered by hand, while additional adjustments are made in the irrigation system to suit the color bed area's needs.


We care more. Maintenance teams, Irrigation Specialists, Field Supervisors, Crew Supervisors as well as Office Executives spend time at every property. No matter how small or large a job, it makes no difference. Multiple pairs of eyes allow us focus on the details and catch things that others miss. We take pride in making promises and live to prove to every customer, that Pacific Terrain simply cares more than the rest.

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